Farmville Millionaire Secrets

Farmville Millionaire Secrets
Farmville Millionaire Secrets

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farmville Secrets-Farmville Mystery Boxes

Farmville Mystery Box is one of the great Farmville Secrets.

Recently Zynga has adding few great upgrades to one of their most popular game Farmville. One of them being Farmville Mystery Box. This is a brand new item which you will be able to buy in the market for 15 farm cash. The price of this mystery box is expensive but it’s worth getting it.

So, when you finally decide to buy a Mystery Box in Farmville?

The question itself is mystery until you actually open the box. The idea of this mystery box is that you can never know what's inside it. It’s a gamble which you have to accept, but it’s assured that the items in this mystery box will be unique and cannot be bought in the usual market. You also get Farmville XP when you buy it.

Some of the items which you can get from Farmville Mystery Box are as follows:

  1. red bike + 50 Farmville XP
  2. fire pit + 80 Farmville XP
  3. lawn chair + 50 Farmville XP
  4. country picnic table + 60 Farmville XP
  5. striped rest tent + 60 Farmville XP
  6. tree swing + 150 Farmville XP
  7. gold gnome + 200 Farmville XP
  8. hot tub + 200 Farmville XP
Once you buy the Farmville Mystery Box, the item inside the box will be sent to your gift box as immediately which will be ready for you to use.For more Farmville Secrets Click Here!