Farmville Millionaire Secrets

Farmville Millionaire Secrets
Farmville Millionaire Secrets

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grow Your Farm at Light Speed and Own The $1,000,000 Villa

Grow Your Farm at Light Speed and Own The $1,000,000 Villa:

You Are About To Grow Your  Farm at Light Speed, Gear Up Your Character, Own The $1,000,000  Villa, Maxed Out Your Farmville Cash, Earned Every Ribbon Plus  Tons of Seeders, Harvesters, Tractors And Dominate The World of  FarmVille...100%Guaranteed!

FarmVille is one of the most  popular games on just about every social network. With over 60  million players worldwide since its launch in June  has truly become a mega hit. To accomplish something in  FarmVille, one must master the various range of subjects  including funds management, time management, etc, and today you  are about to come across some great guides to help you achieve  these goals in the shortest period of time.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Secret of getting unlimited coins using Farmville Secrets

The Secret of getting unlimited coins using Farmville Secrets

I have been playing Farmville for few days now. While playing it I noticed that I was running out of Farmville coins which are necessary to expand my farm or even to buy products. While thinking it struck my mind that I already have Farmville Secrets with me why not refer it to get the best idea of making unlimited coins in Farmville.

One way is by ‘Farming Your Neighbors’. You can easily invite new neighbors by joining Farmville groups and getting on the mass add email list. These neighbors will give you TONS of gifts which range from trees to animals. Imagine ‘harvesting’ a tree a day from a neighbor, the value is so much more than harvesting a single crop. Having lots of neighbors will also boost your ability to get all ribbons in Farmville.

Another way is to find the most profitable crops in each level and plant the whole field with them. It will help if the crops do not ripe too fast (unless you want to spend your whole day clicking your computer and waiting for the crops to ripen.

As a simple rule of thumb, plant the following crops to maximize your earnings.

Level 1-7 : Soybeans

Level 7-19 : Rice
Level 19-32 : Grapes
Level 32-onwards : Peas

Follow these tips and you will be earning unlimited coins in Farmville in a short time. If you want to take the killer advantage? Get your copy today!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Level Up Easily In FarmVille Using Farmville Secrets

Level Up Easily In FarmVille Using Farmville Secrets

One of my friend sent me a Farmville request in my facebook account Like others I also joined the game. At the first glance I thought that it will be very easy to rank up in Farmville but after playing it for few days I realized that I was wrong. I know of quite a few people who got into the game expecting it to be easy as pie and were quickly frustrated.

I noticed that many people were attracted to the game by viewing the total number of people in Farmville Groups. That struck my mind and made me do a google search where I found that Farmville is the most played game in Facebook, eventually I decided to see what was attracting some may people to the game. It did not take long and I was hooked!

While playing Farmville I noticed that I was not getting through the levels as quickly as I wanted. I made a google search to find any helpful guide of Farmville that can guide me to rank higher quickly in Farmville and also earn a good amount of Farmville coins and Farmville XP.

I tried my hand on few of the guides that are available; they are all pretty cheap so I thought why not? If they help me out I am happy person! BUT not many of them had much helpful information to give and moreover some were even boring.

Those guides were either designed for people who were ahead in Farmville already, or they were severely outdated because of the several additions that were made to the game since they were released as FarmVille is still in the Beta stage, so a lot of improvements have been made to it in a short time and many of the guides on the market have not been updated to account for these changes.

Finally I came across a guide called
Farmville Secrets which pleasantly surprised me. By sticking to the instructions of the guide I started to see results overnight. It boosted my rank in Farmville and also helped me gain more Farmville coins. Farmville Secrets definitely a guide worth checking out if you’re having trouble getting the hang of FarmVille, or you just want to give your game an extra boost. What to gain a killer advantage. Get your copy today!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

8 Farmville Secrets To Become A Rich Farmer On Farmville

  1. For easy profits the best choice are raspberries which mature in two hours making you rich by 46 coins but on the other hand blueberries may takes  little longer but the wait is surely acceptable as they ultimately gain you by 91 coins. Other good choice would be strawberries which you can harvest in four hours allowing you to gain 35 coins.
  2. Raising farm animals such as chickens, cows, sheep’s etc are good and also fun, but unfortunately you will not make you rich quickly. However, the advantage being they do not go bad and will not need much care.
  3. Growing trees are similar to raising farm animals as it will not make you rich but they will be there for you without wilting. Example, if you grow cherry trees they takes two days to give you a gain of 18 coins and lime trees take 5 days for 75 coins.
  4. If you are looking to make some serious money in Farmville then you must visit you neighbors and lend your hand by cleaning up the weeds, raking up leaves or scaring crows and foxes away from their fields. If you do it you are bound to gain some extra coins and hands on experience.
  5. Bigger fields will allow you to plant more which in return will be much more profitable for you. To accomplish this you need to have several neighbors.
  6. Purchasing buildings allows you to get faster to the next level as they provide you with greater Farmville XP and therefore, progress in the game.
  7. Another great way to gain some coins is by visiting your Facebook homepage and checking out your Firmville news feed, if any of your friends have recently won any ribbons. The better the ribbon the more coins you will get just by clicking on the ribbon they have won.
  8. Fertilizing your friends crops will give you few extra coins & Fermville XP which helps you to rank better than others.
There are plenty more exciting Firmville Secrets which you will be able to find in the ebook called Firmville Secrets.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Farmville Cheats Revealed


Discover the Real Tactic To Grow Your Farm at Light Speed, Own The $1,000,000 Villa, Maxed Out Your Farmville Cash, Earned Every Ribbon Plus Tons of Seeders, Harvesters, Tractors And Dominate The World of FarmVille...

FarmVille is one of the most popular game on Facebook. It’s played by more than 60 million players worldwide since its launch in the mid of 2009.To accomplish a good position in FarmVille, one must master the various range of subjects which including funds management, time management, resource management etc, and today you are about to discover  some great guides to help you achieve these goals very easily.

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Creator: Tony 'T Dub' Sanders

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farmville Secrets-Farmville Mystery Boxes

Farmville Mystery Box is one of the great Farmville Secrets.

Recently Zynga has adding few great upgrades to one of their most popular game Farmville. One of them being Farmville Mystery Box. This is a brand new item which you will be able to buy in the market for 15 farm cash. The price of this mystery box is expensive but it’s worth getting it.

So, when you finally decide to buy a Mystery Box in Farmville?

The question itself is mystery until you actually open the box. The idea of this mystery box is that you can never know what's inside it. It’s a gamble which you have to accept, but it’s assured that the items in this mystery box will be unique and cannot be bought in the usual market. You also get Farmville XP when you buy it.

Some of the items which you can get from Farmville Mystery Box are as follows:

  1. red bike + 50 Farmville XP
  2. fire pit + 80 Farmville XP
  3. lawn chair + 50 Farmville XP
  4. country picnic table + 60 Farmville XP
  5. striped rest tent + 60 Farmville XP
  6. tree swing + 150 Farmville XP
  7. gold gnome + 200 Farmville XP
  8. hot tub + 200 Farmville XP
Once you buy the Farmville Mystery Box, the item inside the box will be sent to your gift box as immediately which will be ready for you to use.For more Farmville Secrets Click Here!