Farmville Millionaire Secrets

Farmville Millionaire Secrets
Farmville Millionaire Secrets

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

8 Farmville Secrets To Become A Rich Farmer On Farmville

  1. For easy profits the best choice are raspberries which mature in two hours making you rich by 46 coins but on the other hand blueberries may takes  little longer but the wait is surely acceptable as they ultimately gain you by 91 coins. Other good choice would be strawberries which you can harvest in four hours allowing you to gain 35 coins.
  2. Raising farm animals such as chickens, cows, sheep’s etc are good and also fun, but unfortunately you will not make you rich quickly. However, the advantage being they do not go bad and will not need much care.
  3. Growing trees are similar to raising farm animals as it will not make you rich but they will be there for you without wilting. Example, if you grow cherry trees they takes two days to give you a gain of 18 coins and lime trees take 5 days for 75 coins.
  4. If you are looking to make some serious money in Farmville then you must visit you neighbors and lend your hand by cleaning up the weeds, raking up leaves or scaring crows and foxes away from their fields. If you do it you are bound to gain some extra coins and hands on experience.
  5. Bigger fields will allow you to plant more which in return will be much more profitable for you. To accomplish this you need to have several neighbors.
  6. Purchasing buildings allows you to get faster to the next level as they provide you with greater Farmville XP and therefore, progress in the game.
  7. Another great way to gain some coins is by visiting your Facebook homepage and checking out your Firmville news feed, if any of your friends have recently won any ribbons. The better the ribbon the more coins you will get just by clicking on the ribbon they have won.
  8. Fertilizing your friends crops will give you few extra coins & Fermville XP which helps you to rank better than others.
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